Seba Zuccardi Named Gaucho’s Top Winemaker

Given the fact that Gaucho Grill’s Argentine wine list is as lengthy as Argentina itself (almost) and certainly the widest outside the country, the UK restaurant group holds its own Annual Winemaker Awards.

Winemaker Sebastián Zuccardi.
Winemaker Sebastián Zuccardi.

And this year, a 100-strong panel comprising journalists, winemakers and Gaucho sommeliers chose Familia Zuccardi’s Sebastián Zuccardi as Winemaker of the Year 2015.

He told Come Wine With Me: “It’s a prize that fills me with pride. Above all, because it’s recognition that goes beyond just one person. I think it recognises the work of a team that focuses on making wines with identity, that show a place. For Gaucho to recognise this work helps helps us to show Argentine wine in a new dimension and confirms the road we’re taking.”

His father, José Alberto Zuccardi, picked up the award in his name.


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