Meet Your Somm: Magalí Copsel

Currently womaning the cellar at Proper Restaurant in Palermo, Champagne fan Magalí Copsel’s pedigree is splendid: she used to be Martín Bruno‘s number two at Tegui, Argentina’s top dining establishment according to Latin America’s 50 best Restaurants 2015. 

Sommelier Magalí Copsel.
Sommelier Magalí Copsel.

What was your last pairing recommendation?

I´d rather tell you about one I particularly remember because it was mind-blowing. It was the pairing for the first dish in the 10-course menu at Tegui, which was different textures of tomato with goat’s cheese snow served with Miras Pinot Salvaje by Marcelo Miras. This wine is a white blend made from Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from Río Negro in Patagonia, Argentina.

What did you drink last night?

Some nights after I finish service, I like to wind down having a beer with my colleagues. For example, last night I had Patagonia Amber Lager.

What’s your favourite wine region in the world?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I feel that I still have a lot to learn and a lot of wine regions to visit, but on one of my first trips abroad I had the chance to go to Champagne and I absolutely loved it! The people, the wines, the streets, the countryside, everything is amazing.

I must say that I’ve always liked Champagne and being able to tour the area where it all started was a great honor for me. I think that champagne is associated with special occasions. It helps generate pleasant moments and brings people together.

What do you like most about your job?

I really love meeting people from different backgrounds, with different tastes, but who all share the common interest of enjoying  a good bottle of wine and gastronomy in general.

Something else I like about my job is being able to travel to continue learning by meeting winemakers and finding out the history behind every bottle. It is very enriching.

Name a gem in your personal cellar.

When I travelled to Alsace, I visited a lot of wineries but I particularly remember a long and inspiring tasting and chat in Hugel & Fils. The owner decided to offer me a very special wine, Hugel SGN 1988. When he learnt that was the year when I was born, he kindly gifted me a bottle. Ever since then, I’ve treasured this bottle. Actually, I’m keeping it for a very special occasion.

Another gem in my cellar is a Dom Perignon Vintage 2003. This was a gift from my dad before my trip to Champagne. I feel it was a sign.

What`s the best thing that happened to you as a somm?

Seeing a guest smile in approval because the wine was everything they expected. In my opinion, as a sommelier, I have the possibility to help guests to enjoy a very special moment, so the relationship created is really unique. That really is one of the best things that happens to me as a somm.

If you were a wine, you’d be…

God, that’s a hard choice. I would say Pinot Noir. It’s a variety which captivated me even before I became a sommelier. I enjoy discovering how it adapts to different styles, soils and ageing. It’s a very delicate and elegant variety, which loves cool climates. Just like me.

Ph: courtesy of Magalí Copsel

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