Wine-ter Blends

It’s official. Winter’s here and only wine can save you. More specifically, these buxom blends that curl around your feet and work their way up your body, enveloping you in their liquid embrace, can save you.

Here are five UV light boxes disguised as bottles of wine for under 280 pesos to make it through to September 21st.

Bacan white blend

If the thought of holding a glass of chilled white fills you with horror this winter, the solution is simple: employ some hired help to raise aforementioned vessel to your lips (Bianca Fernet would surely agree with this investment). It’ll be worth every centavo because La Giostra del Vino Bacán Blanco Clásico 2015 is a blazing white blend that opens your palate up like the Grand Canyon, leaving you begging for a) more wine and b) more food. That’s right, it will also help fatten you up for winter.

A crunchy white, this Bacán features an unusual mix, predominantly Chardonnay with sidekicks Sauvignon Blanc and Torrontés for soaring acidity and freshness. Made by Italian winemaking stallion Giuseppe Franceschini, known for his stellar work at Caelum and a tiny whites side project for Onofri Wines, ‘El Tano’ also makes what is widely touted as Argentina’s best Sauvignon Blanc, La Giostra del Vino Bacán Reserva 2014. Side note: Bacán is short for bacchanal, and who doesn’t want to be part of a ‘a wild and drunken celebration’ as often as your liver deems possible?

From Almacén Otamendi, AR $220.

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