Meet Your Somm: Dulce Long

Following stints in France with Paz Levinson at Virtus and at Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Neuquén-born Dulce Long is back in Buenos Aires in charge of wine affairs at Elena. She is also one of three wine experts (including Argentina’s current best somm Martín Bruno) leading a brand-new series of workshops for Les Sommeliers that starts 3 September 2018. Dulce will lead the Patagonian and world wine classes.  

Sommelier Dulce Long. Ph: Les Sommeliers.

What did you drink last night ?

Last night I had a sencha tea while I was reading Léxico Familiar by Natalia Ginzburg, recommended by María Barrutia [CAVE co-founder].

What’s your favourite wine region in the world? 

Difficult question! I’m thinking…  I love the strength and the deep expression in the northern part of the Rhône in France. And, I love the nobility of Riesling in the Mosel. And I’ll finish with Jerez! Incredible wine and people.

What do you love most about your job?

To be a sommelier is to be a wine communicator or ambassador. And the most beautiful thing is that task of interpretation and searching, comprehending producers’ work, understanding terroir. Listening, understanding and interpreting. In the middle of all that you travel, you taste thousands of wines, you read a lot, you study hard and you meet a lot of very passionate people.

Name a gem in your personal cellar.

Jurançon 1990, Domaine Uroulat. Sergio Calderón gave me a vintage from my year of birth.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you as somm?

The best moments are always related to simplicity, surrounding producers or somms. Barefoot lunch in Tuscany with Paolo de Marchi and Marta. Dinners with Clape family. And the best always: mates with Sergio Calderón in his cava in Laguiole.

If you were a wine, what would you be?

A Syrah. Strong, expressive and with deep sensitivity. It adapts to cold climates as well slightly warmer ones.


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